Brooklyn Navy Yard - Settlement Simulation

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Brooklyn Navy Yard - Settlement Runs

(D) Population Density Target: 200 ppl / ha

(F) Friendliness Factor: tested 0.3 - 0.97, selected 0.9 

(PI) Production Intensity: 100m2 / person (Based value for area of production required for fruits / vegetables per person per annum.)

(Dw) Dwelling/Household size: 72m2 = 2.59 persons (Brooklyn’s average household size per the US Census 2010.)

New Inputs
Addition inputs implemented for the first time as a trial in this test case:
  • - A custom input mesh was drawn to match the boundary/area of the site.
  • - An attractor function was written to accept physical inputs as influences to the settlement distribution.  Main through routes that need to be maintained and connection nodes to surrounding streets were input as curves and points.
  • - Buildings around the boundary of the site were also input as attractors in order to populate the boundary streets and create a continuous extension of the existing fabric.

Brooklyn Navy Yard F=0.9 D=200

The simulation was run with D=200, but with several (F) Friendliness settings.  Several selected sample outputs are shown above/opposite page. 

After evaluating the tissues, checking for a heterogeneity of density distribution, OSR's comparable to reference tissues, and the ability of the pattern to produce viable large-scale (>1ha) commercial farms while maintaining a continuous urban fabric, D=200 | F=0.90 was selected to build a network on.